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Biological air regeneration technology for thermal power plants, incinerators and other facilities that pollute the atmosphere

8 - 9 April 2009 in Kharkov (Ukraine) took place 6 - International Conference on the issue of waste, emissions and effluents.

Our company introduced the participants of the conference with the new technology of full utilization of flue gas.

Participants of the conference for 2 days demonstrated the effectiveness of the new technology.

The high-temperature furnace burning a variety of fuels produced. The participants watched the purification and recycling of flue gas process.

Despite the small size of the plant model, the equipment has proven full functionality and efficiency of their work.

Author and developer of technology equipment V.Trifonov demonstrates the operation of the unit.

The interest in our company's development showed the Russian power system. The company "Service New Generation" (Moscow, Russia) proposed the creation of the existing equipment which is used as fuel natural gas and transfer the installation to test the efficacy in Moscow.

This installation was made. Burns fuel was natural gas - methane.

Employees of labor protection laboratory of the Odessa regional sanitary-epidemiological station (Odessa, Ukraine) measurements were made for the presence of pollutant emissions over the surface of the photobioreactor during natural gas combustion. Measurement results have confirmed the effectiveness of the technology, embodied in the experimental equipment.

Employees Odessa regional sanitary and epidemiological stations V. Romanyuk and S. Zielinska
measurements carried out on the installation of flue gas recycling

In November 2009 the plant was brought to Moscow and provided for tests of skill Heating energy company "New Generation Services".

Experimental equipment for recycling the flue gases
in the laboratory of "New Generation Services"

Manual installation tests carried out by the director of the Department of Project Management and Strategic Development "Service New Generation" Vladislav Ermolaev. Measurements were carried out under the supervision of the leading specialist of "Service New Generation," the candidate of technical sciences, Anatoly Pelipenko.

Leading Specialist "Service New Generation"
Candidate of Technical Sciences A. Pylypenko conducting measurements.

Technology tests in Moscow also confirmed the high efficiency of the proposed technology. The combustion of natural gas output settings are not noted any harmful emissions.

The analyzer does not register any harmful emissions.
The output of the installation only oxygen

However, it noted the high content of molecular oxygen released by photosynthetic microorganisms.

The test results were recorded the relevant protocol.

The proposed solution of this method of absorption and utilization of flue gas has no analogues in the world and is based on the modeling of natural processes occurring in nature.

Using the proposed method of air cleaning can not only absorb the fumes, but also get valuable biological material for the food, cosmetic industry, agriculture.

Unlike the existing technologies of flue gas treatment, which are costly, the proposed technology is a self-supporting.

Use of Smoke Fumes Formed by Thermal Processing of Solid Domestic Waste for Cultivation of Microalgae Spirulina Platensis
"Ecological Herald of Russia"    Moscow 2009 >>>

This technology can be easily adapted to the realized at the enterprises of power system, incinerators, the metallurgical industry.

The technology is able to solve the problems of the "greenhouse effect"   
"Ecological Herald of Russia"   Moscow 2010 >>>

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