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Biological air regeneration systems

Photosynthetic conditioning

Photosynthetic conditioning

Biological air regeneration system is a complex technical device, the operation of which is carried out using the photosynthetic properties of single-celled algae.

This system:

- Cleans the air from dust particles;

- Disinfects the air,

- It carries out the decomposition of organic air contaminants to water vapor and carbon dioxide,

- Moistens the air,

- It ensures the absorption of carbon dioxide, which is used for the supply of microalgae,

- Allocate molecular oxygen as a result of microscopic algae living.

The system is aesthetic, easy to operate and maintain. The system easily fits into the interior of the premises.

Biological air regeneration systems may be used for facilities for various purposes, from residential flats and individual houses, to industrial, commercial and other premises.

The system creates the ideal breathing conditions for patients suffering from cardiovascular or pulmonary disease. The system is totally eco-friendly device. It is made of materials, environmental safety are confirmed immediately in operation: the algae in a hostile environment just die.

The system allocates only molecular oxygen.

Biological air regeneration systems are designed for use in environmentally disadvantaged areas, especially in the central parts of cities with high gas content.

Such systems can be used as a climate system for so-called "clean" rooms that require complete isolation from the external environment - a space for the production of watches, electronics and so on.

The system is designed and made individually for each customer. For the design of such a system is necessary to have the floor plan and the need to know the number of people who will be located in this room.

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