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Food suspension of live spirulina

Food suspension of live spirulina

In natural waters Spirulina is a type of plankton. In fact, this is the suspension of the microalgae.

But just to get water containing spirulina, from the reservoir and drink such a solution, of course, impossible. In natural waters except spirulina inhabits many diverse aquatic organisms. Many of them are not safe for human health . Another thing, when grown pure culture microalgae. This means that the water contains only one species of microalgae. Such a suspension can only be obtained in special installations equipped with water treatment systems. But even with this method of cultivation, Spirulina have to be separated from the aqueous medium, in which she grew up and placed in a specially prepared water. Only then it can be eaten.

It is the most fresh and original product from living microalgae. This is quite an unusual soft drink that is drunk just having fun on a hot summer day.

Spirulina in a form easily absorbed by the body and is perceived very well. The disadvantage of the product is very small shelf life at ambient and elevated temperature of not more than 2-3 days. Live Spirulina has a very high intensity of exchange processes. Therefore, after all the substance from the water used for its spirulina nutrition and growth spirulina dies.

Keep spirulina suspension may be at a temperature less than 10 degrees.

It is made in accordance with the TU U 15.2-2216201414-001:2010

Conclusion of sanitary-epidemiological expertise of Ministry of Health of Ukraine ¹ 05.03.02-06/27462 from 26.04.2010

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Spirulina ( Spirulina platensis )

The rapid growth of spirulina biomass in our installations. This is almost a natural suspension. Why "almost"? Because there is only growing spirulina. Under natural conditions, it is impossible.


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