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Commercial microalgae cultivation

Installation for commercial microalgae cultivation

Installation for commercial microalgae cultivation is used for the cultivation of microalgae and obtaining marketable biomass in regions with a cold climate and short light day in the winter.

It is compact but high-performance system of microalgae livelihood.

The latest technology used in the creation of this equipment and microalgae cultivation technology allows to ensure their steady growth and have a natural quality biomass or with specified properties (enriched with some element, such as iodine or selenium).

An advantage of algae growing in such a way that it is possible to obtain valuable product throughout the year.

Planned performance equipment allows to provide stable production of fresh biomass or products derived from it for business partners and consumers.

The unit consists of::

- Modules of the light phase

- Modules of the dark phase

- Beam system

- Activation of the photosynthetic system

- Nutrient mixture preparation system

- biofilters

- Hydraulic and gas-dynamic system

- control system

Installation of the system is a closed water supply, filled with water once. Make-up water is only carried out to compensate for the operational losses.

Serves 1-2 people install.

Installation for commercial microalgae cultivation is not a serial product. Each product is designed individually depending on the required performance.

The principle of the installation modularity allows you to quickly increase its production capacity.

Our company supplies the equipment together with a strain of microalgae.

We run production and we hand it to the customer, showing the finished product.

An important feature of our equipment is that it is not a theoretical elaboration. This is a real working system that allows you to get the right amount of high-quality biomass of microalgae. Our own production for the growing and processing of microalgae biomass is equipped with this equipment.

Spirulina ( Spirulina platensis )

Spirulina is a freshwater alga spiral shape. Because of this it got its name. Spirulina lives in warm freshwater reservoirs where water is alkaline. 10 g spirulina contain 5 times the daily requirement of vitamin B12, 4 times as much vitamin A, 83% of the required norm iron, 30% of the required value of vitamin B2, 25% of the required value of vitamin B1. Spirulina is a protein product with great concentration, proteins constitute 65 - 72% by weight of algae (brewer's yeast contains about 50% protein, soybean contains approximately 35% protein). Alga contains several essential amino acids (essential because they can not be synthesized in humans).

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